• Discover a Clear Path to Getting Your Business Sold for the Best Possible Value



  • The Business Transaction Blueprint

    This is a proven process that involves nine specific steps to help business owners like you better understand the value of your business, prepare yourself and your business for a sale, and ultimately get the business sold. We do all this so you can have the freedom to successfully move on to the next chapter of your life.

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    Your business is your baby! It has been for years, and now you’re thinking of selling. The last thing you want is to pick a broker who just sees you as a “deal.” We want to make sure we can help you sell your business, so we take the time up front to truly listen to your complete story.

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    There is no simple formula for calculating the value of your business. It involves a combination of considerations. You shouldn’t assume an industry multiple times revenue is the answer. Your business is unique and should be treated that way.

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    Once we both agree there’s a good fit, we will spend 10-20 hours of interview and prep time with you to gather any and all relevant information and to develop a solid understanding of your business before moving forward.

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    A Confidential Information Memorandum, or CIM, tells a company’s story and lays out important facts and figures for prospective buyers. This important document is critical to the process of selling your business, and we’ll work closely with you create a compelling CIM to get your business sold.

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    Business Broker? Or Business Transaction Advisor?

    What’s the difference and how does it impact you and selling your business? Find out in this FREE video.

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    A traditional business broker will collect all your business information, put it out on all the online listing services and wait for the phone to ring. In addition to these online listings, we take an in-depth approach to selling your business, taking advantage of direct buyer relationships, including individual investors, family fund offices, and various levels of private equity buyers.

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    Because we take more time up front to understand your business and help determine the best and most realistic value for it, we have a close rate of three times the national average and nearly every one of our clients has received full asking value, sometimes even more than that.

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    Once an offer has been written, the deal is NOT done! This is when much of “hard” work is done. This is where the sale of a business can be stalled for months or move forward smoothly. When all the steps up to this point are completed properly, the due diligence phase can be much more efficient.

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    There are many moving parts involved in successfully managing everything related to financing, completion of the final asset purchase agreement, inventory management and market timing, which can all impact the time it takes to complete a business sale or acquisition. You want a partner who will effectively and efficiently manage all of these aspects without being a burden on you and your valuable time.

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    This is what you’ve been waiting for...the sale!! It is our primary focus from the moment we start talking with you and throughout the entire process once the engagement begins. You have dreams, desires, goals - some reason you want to sell your business; and it’s our goal to help you get there.

  • Take the First Step...

    We help owners better understand the value of their business, prepare themselves and their business for a sale, and ultimately get the business sold, so they have the freedom to move on to whatever it is they want to do in the next phase of their lives.