• Your Retirement Plan Is Way More Valuable Than You Realize.

    We can help you unleash the power of your 401k or IRA to self-fund a business or franchise today.




  • A Roll Over Business Start-Up (ROBS) Could Be Exactly What You Need

    It’s more than a funding vehicle – it’s a long-term success plan tailored for the life of your business.

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    Consider two things…

    • Your retirement plan - as it exists right now - holds the key to your ability to start your new business or franchise debt-free.

    • The ongoing management of your retirement plan will dictate when (younger) and how (wealthier) you’re able to retire.

  • Why Go into Debt If You Don’t Have To?

    To understand what makes this option so effective, you must first understand the importance of being able to start your business debt-free.


    The ability to use your retirement money to fund your business is called 401k funding, or Roll Over Business Start-Up (ROBS). The 401k funding (ROBS) process allows you to roll over some or all of the money in an existing retirement account into a new plan that can then fund a new or existing business – all tax- and penalty-free!


    The plan we recommend is the Entrepreneur Retirement Plan of America (ERPA).

    What Makes Our Plan Different?

    The ability to fund your new business with retirement money is not what makes our plan different. Once the new retirement account has been formed and the funds are in place, the true advantages of ERPA come into play.


    ERPA offers entrepreneurs and their employees two things you won’t find anywhere else:

    • Investment platform: a professionally selected mix of mutual funds and other investments

    • Fiduciary services: professional custodians and trustees that protect the assets

    ERPA is the only plan on the market that includes fiduciary services and an investment platform. This means with other providers’ plans, the entrepreneur will have to go out and obtain their investments from somewhere else.


    With other providers’ plans, you can expect to fork over thousands in additional costs each year for an outside investment platform. ERPA is a turnkey, self-contained and professionally managed plan – and it includes an investment platform with ongoing fiduciary services!


    Think of it this way: We don’t just give you the blueprints; we build and maintain the house.
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    Why Does Any of this Matter to You?

    In short, you do what you’re good at; we do what we’re good at.


    With ERPA, you’ll only wear one hat – that of a business owner. With other plans, you may find out that you have to wear the hat as the plan trustee and the plan administrator – things you likely know very little about.


    View this as surgery on your financial future...you wouldn’t perform your own surgery now would you?

  • Consider the Importance of Compliance

    With the ongoing plan management services provided by ERPA, state and federal compliance is something you’ll never have to worry about.


    Other plans leave this sort of annual maintenance up to you, exposing you and your business to the additional risks of paying unnecessary taxes and the potential loss of business value.

    So, why choose ERPA?

    Successful business ownership is not an event...it’s a journey.


    With ERPA, we don’t just stand beside you; we stand in front of you, continuously shielding you from the undesirable events that can arise when you have to wear all three hats of entrepreneur, trustee, and plan administrator.


    We believe that successful planning is a matter of being proactive. ERPA helps aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to plan proactively instead of reactively suffering.

  • Take the First Step...

    If you’re looking for an all-encompassing plan that will support you for the life of your business, you owe it to yourself and your family to explore ERPA.

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    Business Broker? Or Business Transaction Advisor?

    What’s the difference and how does it impact you and selling your business? Find out in this FREE video.